What have we helped with…

You might be wondering what sort of work the Civilian Patrol has done over the years, below are just a few times where we have helped.

December, 2014 – Following the execution of Officers Ramos and Liu, the Civilian Patrol was requested to assist with the crowd and traffic control of over 20,000 police officers that entered the four townships the 104th precinct covers in order to keep areas open for emergency vehicles and residents and allow for the flow of traffic in and out. While this was no small task many residents were glad we were there to keep everything moving.

May, 2014 – Maspeth Memorial Day parade, as we typically help in all parades that enter the four towns and all are usually uneventful, however, at the Maspeth Memorial Day parade we were asked to search for a young male child whom was separated from his family during the end of the parade. Using the description, his last known location and where he lived nearby the Civilian Patrol triangulated and created a coverage area to sweep the nearby area. Within 30 minutes following the initial announcement the young boy was found and the Patrol returned him to his family.

October, 2012 – When Hurricane Sandy struck, the Civilian Patrol was mobilized to patrol and clearing the streets of debris so that the emergency vehicles could get through. We cleared over 25 trees that gridlocked heavily used streets. In the days that followed the Hurricane the Patrol continued to be used for crowd and traffic control at the gas pumps while lines wrapped around the blocks. We kept the peace and allowed the NYPD to tend to critical situations. In addition, we organized several charitable collections for those in need and led a convoy of supplies to the Rockaways and Breezy Point in an effort to help those in needs.

September, 2010 – Middle Village and adjacent areas were hit with one of the worst storms ever to strike New York City. Heavy thunderstorms were predicted but the oncoming storm suddenly burst into 125 mph winds and within seconds trees were thrown down with such force that it is a miracle no one in our neighborhood was killed. The storm was described as a microburst. Many large trees, several on most blocks, were toppled. In Juniper Valley Park giant mature trees were down, falling onto Juniper Boulevards North and South in record numbers; blocking the traffic that was pouring in from the normal rush hour. The streets looked like scenes from a late-night horror movie with sidewalks resembling earthquakes and large trees on houses and cars. We lost hundreds of trees which were toppled in seconds. Power was out in most of the area. 104COP members mobilized to clear the streets of trees, direct traffic safely through and patrol the areas as well as check on our neighbors throughout the multi-day event until power was fully restored.

September 11th, 2001 – Everyone was in shock following the events of 9/11. People were unsure as to what to do and many were very scared. The NYPD was stretched way beyond its limits as were all the other emergency services. Minutes after the first high jacked plane hit the North Trade Center Tower and while millions of people were glued to their TV sets, over two dozen 104COP members mobilized. In constant contact with the 104th Precinct we were ordered to patrol the Precinct boundaries and look for anyone looking to commit a crime of opportunity. Around the clock for 5 straight days, 104COP manned the posts around the 104th Precinct and took care of the Combat Parking. This action freed up many police sector cars to resume patrols and answer 911 emergency calls.

October, 2000 – 104COP was responsible for over 100 graffiti related arrests over a 14 month period.

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